Thankful: a year on living in the USA

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Thankful –

Last September, my family and I moved back from the UK. We lived in Norwich, England for over eleven years while my husband studied for his PhD and later worked. We moved back to the USA due to my husband getting a new job in Pittsburgh. It’s been a bit of a challenge, but we are thankful for this new adventure. Pittsburgh has an entirely new geography for us: such hills and curving roads. Such history steeped in natural resources. (Love that Heinz History Center museum for bringing us up to speed!). We’re enjoying learning more about this new landscape, forgotten American culture, pet ownership and one very important thing.

One of the most important things happened exactly a year ago (the week of Thanksgiving),we bought a home. It was our first home and we are not young chickens. By doing this, we entered the land of proper grownup life.

It’s now a year on of this stage of our lives. It’s been an adjustment. There’s always something one should do with an older house. Especially, because a house that has been lived in for a long time by the previous owners, is ‘needy’. Hence, we (mostly my husband) have become proficient at painting walls, hanging doors, changing doorknobs and other forms of refreshing, tidying and fixing. It’s a sort of on-the-job training that we, with the help of Youtube, learn as we need. It takes time. How long can it take to remove 50 year old wallpaper? Too long. We got quite familiar with YouTube’s Christmas Music Mixes. Not surprisingly, the queue of house needs’ include fixings that are less doable or affordable: an older roof, weird kitchen layout/bottleneck and a lack of wall insulation. Put it on the list. It may get done, soon or eventually. Hopefully.

In the meantime, we need to remember to be thankful of this opportunity and adventure. And we are. Lastly, we are thankful for the health of our families, near and far. One always needs to include that!


Thankful for the view of blooming Magnolia stellata in April


Above, is one of my favorite images of new home – the view from our deck in April. We were told by the previous owners that the blossoms would be damaged in February, when a warm period would trick the trees to think that it was Spring, only to be frozen again. Guess that last past winter’s continual, cold weather was good for our trees. The result was this exhibition of beauty.

Yet, another thing to be thankful about.


What do you give thanks for in the past year? 

Thankfulness is a nice tradition, and one doesn’t need to be American (or Canadian) to celebrate!