It’s a Small Hats World, after all

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Exploring Small Hats

One of the challenges of being a maker of fitted hats, such as cloches and fedoras, is that they need to fit. And not surprisingly, heads, like feet, come in different sizes. And while one can wear a hat that is too big, a hat that is too small will give you a headache. This is the problem with small hats. And while felt is an amazing and flexible fiber that can be stretched with steam, it is a lot to ask my customers to put the kettle on and have a go at millinery.

So I have been thinking about offering a hat that will fit all customers: very small hats

Perhaps other hat makers are also thinking of this. Are you?  Perhaps, this is why hats without sizes have become so popular in recent years?

Historically called cocktail hats, these small hats perch on top of a head and will fit the smallest or largest noggin. Nowadays, these hats are called fascinators — which some milliners call them the ‘f word’ hat. Indeed, they are not allowed at the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. Not sure why they displease some; they are pretty, fun and easy to wear. A certain princess has helped increase hat- awareness by elegantly wearing small hats.

So, here are my recent attempts at small, and hopefully chic, felt hats — what do you think? Do you like small hats?

purple button beret - small hats

Note the photos are not the best: purple seems to elude my camera. And I don’t mean my phone camera.

Additionally, the poor hat below has been christened the ‘Inside-out-stomach hat’.  Maybe Lady Gaga would be interested? Although she doesn’t limit herself to small hats!

small hats: purple beret that has been called the 'inside-out-stomach'!

They aren’t pillboxes, but could you imagine a new Jackie O wearing these small hats?