Quirky Hat Week: millinery distractions during difficult times

Quirky Hat Week –

The horrible things that happened in Paris are shocking. Ostrich-like, I’ve a tendency to turn from the world’s continual offerings of sadness. As an antidote, I think of hats and how colorful and sculptural they can be. And even a touch whimsical. So, this week’s blogpost is dedicated to Quirky Hat Week. I hope that you find it entertaining.

The term ‘quirky chic‘ seems quite apt and comes from one of my lovely customers, while reviewing her cat-eared fedora:

This is quirky chic at it’s best! I simply don’t feel properly attired without it – thank you so much!

quirky hat week with ombre cat hat with ears


While this hat has more than quite a bit of quirk! It was inspired by an exhibition of Japanese characters. There was a whole room with Hello Kitty paraphernalia!  So I made my own little critter with tiny ears and button eyes. The hat is over on my Etsy shop, if you’d like to see it from various angles.

quirky hat week with black and white op art beret with little ears - a hamster?


More animal-inspired hats for Quirky Hat Week! This one came from looking up at the grey, English skies and seeing seagulls soaring effortlessly. I found that quite cheering. The hat’s sort of a Magritte hat – imagine one of his classic bowler clad men, crossed with a cloud. I’m not quite sure if this was conscious while I was making it. Often, the words to describe a hat arrive afterwards, when I need to write up a listing for online. Selling directly in person does not have this challenge, thankfully. By the by, this hat is also available.


quirky hat week with surreal pale grey bowler shaped like a cloud, with flying bird patterning.

This hat was ~not~ inspired by animals. Instead, it was my reoccurring inspiration – water! It’s probably not as quirky as the above hats: just gorgeous and green. It lives in Norwich, UK and is much beloved by its owner.

quirky hat week with emerald green, wide brimmed hat that was inspired by waves


And here’s a red, white and blue hat that was created to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It came out more American, 4th of July, with a retro-burlesque va-va-voom!  Can’t imagine Elizabeth II wearing it. Can you?


quirky hat week with red, white, and blue hat that has a bit of vavoom burlesque.


Now, interestingly, all of these Quirky Chic hats were made when I lived in Norwich, UK. I moved back to the US a year ago. So, perhaps, I’ve become more timid in the USA. Not sure why that would be. Have been happy and proud with what I’ve created. The only other change is that I started to make hats in series, versus one-off inspirations, that jump from idea to idea. Within my series no two hats are alike, but they rift upon a theme and a color-ways. Hence, there may be unconscious restraint that is reining in my quirk? hmm.

Two other hats were also featured in Quirky Hat Week. They were MADE in the USA. They are from a series, The Candy Colored Clowns, so those theories about series cramping my artistic quirkiness and the water in the UK being more inspiring may be incorrect.

Both hats have been shared over on Instagram as Flipagrams, a sort of simple animation. However, no idea of how to embed Flipagrams directly within this blog. There’s a wordpress plugin,  but it’s only had TEN downloads which is kind of tinky. There seems to be a way to upload Flipagrams via Vimeo, of which I’ve just begun to crawl towards slowly and might manage. Instead, let’s quickly go to a link over on Instagram to see this Burning Man Festival Helmet.

quirky hat week burning man festival helmet

Interestingly, Instagram can be viewed via the computer and you don’t need to have an Instagram account to see either. Here’s the link to the Flipagram over on Instagram.


[Note: I’m still working out how to edit images captured via phone. Usually, all of my hats are photographed with a proper camera (although not a fancy one!) and then edited afterwards in Adobe Elements to get those sparkling, white backgrounds. Not so, with the phone. Alas, it’s a dull grey world].


quirky hat week turban hat with an air of Johnny Carson.


Note: both of these hats can be found on my shop.


Not quirky enough to distract nor entertain? Here are some knitted hats that have more than a fair share of quirk.

Although, I prefer a bit more chic with my quirk.


How do you ‘distract’ yourself from the heavy matters of the world?

Or should we even try to fool ourselves?

Drop me a line and let me know!