How do these new hang tags look? Polished & Professional

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New Dutch Label Shop hang tags with black cords

New Hang Tags

Earlier in the spring, Dutch Label Shop contacted me about trying their products, which include woven labels, woven care tags, size tags, and hang tags. Typically, label manufacturers work with large companies and therefore require large minimum orders. However, a small business doesn’t need nor has room to store excess supplies.

As I already have a box of almost a 1000 woven labels, their offer on hang tags had appeal.

If you are not familiar, hang tags are thin pieces of cardboard that are attached to a product and identify the company that made it. Even micro-businesses, like my own, need hang tags — especially when doing craft fairs, where merchandise should be priced. In addition to including price, hang tags can include more information, such as slogans.

The slogan for FeltHappiness is ‘wearable art for the practical & fantastical.’  Yes, fantastical is not a real word.


Hang Tag Comparison

Below is a photograph which compares my old and new tags. The old ones are mini business cards from MOO. They are cute and small. Perhaps too small. Not seeing the small tags, craft fair visitors sometimes ask, “Where are the prices?” Then, when they spot the cards, the font size is really, really small and folks who are trying on hats, shouldn’t need their reading glasses.

Plus, with my old MOO cards, I needed to punch the holes and then thread the ribbon. All very fiddly work when I need to be doing other things – like getting ready for fairs. I like that the Dutch Label Shop tags come with a white or black cord if desired.

New Dutch Label Shop hang tags compared to mini- MOO cards.


Additionally, the mini MOO cards are hard to read because I made them do ‘double-duty’ as care tags. There is hardly any room to write the price. For the new hang tags, I will switch to using a more professional looking sticker.

Back side of my new Dutch Label Shop black hang tags.

Also, can you see that I now have a logo? It was fun to design; it’s a bit ‘hatty’ with the ‘F’ acting as a feather. Not sure why I hadn’t seen the design possibility of that before.

Graphics of my new FeltHappiness logo


In conclusion, I am delighted with my new Dutch Label Shop hang tags. They look polished, professional, and will be easier for customers to spot. So glad to ‘up’ my branding to a higher level.



Wearing a funky, Festival-Style hat, Juliane holds up one of her new Dutch Label Shop hang tags.

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  1. Elena

    I like the way you present your work. You are unique and full of creative energy!

    • FeltHappiness

      Thanks, Elun! It’s funny, but I look at you the same way! Love how you are within nature, the seasons and snow! It is good to watch what you create on Instagram!