Interview with creativeroom4talk

I was honored to be asked for an interview by CreativeRoom4Talk, earlier this Spring. It was an excellent thought-organizing opportunity. And also, opportunity to write up how FeltHappiness came about. It certainly hasn’t been an express train. It’s been much more of a meandering journey, of trying this and that and being distracted by the necessities of life. See below to read the full story. My interview starts on page 109, more or less. Can you guess which hats were featured?  (There is a sneak peek of one of them below).

Then, the folks from CreativeRoom4Talk collected this interview and all the others from April. They added several articles on creativity. This was published via the very attractive ISSUU app. Hopefully, my embedding script will work and you can see it below. Amazingly, it does work!  Press ‘esc’ to leave the ISSUU viewer.

Click on interview on CreativeRoom4Talk


If not, here is the link.  Pretty handsome, no?

And if you don’t have time to browse the magazine, here is a picture of one of the four hats featured: it is such a striking hat.Featured in Interview: Seagull Emerging from Hat












Did you know that I once had someone tell me that this hat made them remember aggressive seagulls attacking them for their chips (french fries)?  They had to drop their lunch and run.  Interestingly, the seagulls of Norfolk, where I used to live, were much more agreeable. Sadly, there are no seagulls at all where I live now in western Pennsylvania.   I miss the the seagulls and the north Norfolk coast.  I sometimes hear blue jays squawking and hope that it’s seagulls.  They are certainly as loud.

CreativeRoom4Talk continues to publish daily interviews with all sorts of creatives. This includes artists, musicians, bloggers, and doctors! Please do check them out!