Icicles inspire this month’s felted Hat Attack

For March’s Hat Attack icicles inspire –


Icicles inspire wet felted hat for Ice Queen Series


A month has flown by, as they do, and icicles inspire a new Ice Queen felted hat. I had meant to photograph on Thursday, but did not. This was quite fortunate. It snowed in the night icing the branches like cupcakes. This made a beautiful (but slightly busy) back drop.

This hat has a icicle motif which has been loosely interpreted. The icicles point UP and away from the face. This is not how gravity creates icicles. Let’s call it a poetic interpretation. Or perhaps the Blue Stalagmite Hat?  Remember those that hang from the ceiling of a cave ‘hang tight,’ Hence, stalactite. Probably the only thing that I can remember from school 😉

The Icicle Queen hat is symmetrically shaped, which is a rare thing for a me. Angled brims and trims are much more flattering. They gently move the eye and ‘distract’ the viewer by saying ‘look over there!’ But the spikes do their own angling thing – a bit like the Statue of Liberty, no?


Statue of Liberty crown looks a lot like my icicles inspire felted hat.


Icicles inspire the color palette: turquoise and pale blue, with a touch of white. Creating this Icicle Queen in the same colors as it’s sister hat, which was the star of last month’s Hat Attack, helps make the series more cohesive.

The hat’s shape is reminiscent of one of those symmetrical, traditional Russian hats, a kokoshnik. Or maybe not. Scroll down the Wikipedia page to see examples. Most get wider at the tip versus the brim.

You may notice that I’m wearing the same black coat as I did last month. I probably need to buy a white or pale blue coat, if I keep making this series! My regular winter coat and rain coat are both vibrant red. Much too distracting to wear with an icy blue hat. I did try modeling the hat with other outfits: my husband’s white bathrobe and my son’s blue duvet. I couldn’t pull either off with a smidgen of grace or glamour.  As there is less dashing from behind the camera to in front of to pose, I much prefer photographing hats on Goldie the Mannequin. So much easier.

Hat Attack  and more!

It’s Hat Attack Time for the month of March. Judith Boyd of StyleCrone looks smashing in a cobalt blue hat with matching coat and gloves. Thank you Judith for giving me and others the opportunity to wear our hats! Do go check out her blog and see what she is wearing AND thinking. I need a coat like that! I already have the gloves!



In a recent Instagram post, Judith can be seen wearing a pale blue-grey FeltHappiness hat. So exciting for a FeltHappiness hat to be worn by StyleCrone!!  Check out her amazing, Matisse-like scarf. Photograph by Daniel.


StyleCrone Judith Boyd wearing her FeltHappiness hat


Japanese-inspired, grey-blue trilby felted hat


Thanks for dropping by and reading about my adventures in wet-felted millinery. This week was Icicles Inspire. Hopefully, next week you’ll get to see the beginnings of  frosty-themed top hat!  Please scroll down and tell me what you think, if you have a chance.