How about a funky hat for festival or Hat Attack?

How about a funky hat for festival, rave or hat attack?  –

Yes, even if you have an extremely dull wardrobe like myself, a funky hat for a festival will bring extra energy to your outfit and outlook! Also, it’s perfect for wearing to a rave or a Hat Attack!

Funky hat for festival - demure view


This wet felted hat is from the Candy Colored Clown series and was created when I first returned to the USA after living in the UK for over a decade. I felt extremely energetic and inspired. For the first time in their lives my sons rode school buses! Imagine the luxury! And being freed of the twice daily school run really freed up a lot of my time. Hence, lots of hats were made! {I need to examine what I’m currently doing and get back to that happy creative pace again!}

Here is the funky hat in the 360, all around. While it looks demure from the front, from the profile from the side is more playful and quite textured. You can find it HERE in my Etsy Shop.

Funky hat for festival - 4 view points


Around the same time as I felted the above hat, I created a few more with the same soft pastel palette and tall silhouette. And while I watched Blue Velvet years ago and can’t remember it properly, somehow the song that Roy Orbison originally sang, In Dreams really stuck with me. Here are three sister hats of the Candy Colored Clown series. The first two have a beautiful carded blend of variegated Merino/Bamboo fiber from New England Felting Supply.

Funky hat for festival - candy colored clown series of pastel colored felt hats.


Now about the featured image – It’s a bit of a manufactured image -gasp! I don’t have those lovely quilted, blue grey hostas growing in my garden. Instead, the house has inherited some acidic, variegated ones. But Fine Gardening has come to the rescue. And thankfully, I don’t have the snails that I had in the UK or the SF Bay Area. I wouldn’t even dream of planting such tastiness as hostas there. So had to add a token one in the picture. It’s all rather like I’m the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland! Realized upon googling that I’ve never watched the Disney nor Tim Burton films. Ack! My mental picture must be from a childhood book…but not the famous illustrations by John Tenniel. Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings has a Best of Alice in Wonderland illustrations. However, none of the artists she features match the picture book from my 1960’s childhood. Enough of that.

In the future I may become a braver with collage. It’s kind of fun!


Funky festival hat with hosta backdrop


Lastly, I’m linking up with the wonderful StyleCrone, who inspires us with her elegant style and deeper substance. I love the rose colored and shaped hat that she wears in her May Hat Attack, #34.  Thank you Judith for the inspiration and motivation to share in more hat appreciation!

Do you have a funky hat that might be worn to a festival?

If so, let me know about your favorite. Scroll down waaay below to leave a comment.