Heart Flutters: I’m a finalist at Craftys’ competition

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Finalist Craftys Competition!

Just learned that I’m a finalist at The Crafty’s competition for my wet felted Seagull hat. I entered the ‘felt crafts’ category which seemed to have quite a few needle felted entries and many cut and sew, flat felt type entries. There weren’t many wet felted creations.  And there were no other hats in this category. Although there were two or three in the sewing category.

Here’s a picture of my entry, a fascinator hat, which has a seagull coming out of a nuno-felted sea. The brim edge of the hat has millinery wire sewn on which is covered with silk fabric. The seagull’s eyes are appropriately beady! The bird was felted around a resist and then stuffed with wool roving.

Wet felted fascinator hat in blues representing a seagull emerging from the sea.

The piece is titled ‘Emerging.’  I don’t usually call the hats ‘pieces’ because, usually, they are hats to be worn.  Nonetheless, I do try to make them sculptural; so perhaps it’s art, after all.  And, I do try to express something … a feeling or mood.

For me, seagulls are serious birds who walk along the unspoiled coast or soar elegantly overhead.  I know that there ARE seagulls who steal sandwiches out of people’s hands and go through garbage.  Those are not my seagulls. I actually looked at pictures of Herring Gulls.

You can see my competition entry and description on the Craftsy website over here.

Here’s the competition finalist badge that they emailed me:

Finalist badge for the Crafty's competition.


If you are about on Friday, November 7th, you can watch the Crafty’s livestreaming on YouTube. It should show up after the event is over too.  Lastly, fingers-crossed that I can embed this media file do-hicky.


Post script: My family and I watched the live broadcast until the felt section; but, then shut off the computer as it was dinnertime. So I need to catch up later on the rest of the show.  Love Mark’s introduction to the Felt Crafts category: “A whale, a Wookie and a seagull that you wear on your head.  What more can you ask for? felt fans.”
The whale won!  My younger son said that I placed third.  But, I think that was just good imagery / alliteration.
Jocelyn Gayle Krodman of Petit Felts won the Felt Crafts Category.  Here is a picture of her Mabel the Whale.
Jocelyn Gayle Krodman's Mabel the Whale in white needlefelt
By the by, I’ve had felting friends ask me how I knew about the competition. I learned of it via signing up to the newsletter from http://fiberartcalls.blogspot.com  It’s a monthly one and rather short and sweet.  Quite worthwhile too.
How do you keep in the loop for your creative activities?