Fabulous Felted Hat Workshop at Society for Contemporary Craft

Students helped to create fabulous felted hat workshop at SCC

On Saturday, February 24th, I taught a felted hat workshop to six eager students at the Society for Contemporary Craft. Some students were experienced feltmakers, while others had not felted before. However, they all worked hard on their project, to create a beautiful hat, each one unique as themselves!


Assembled together at the end of class, the students model their felted hats. Linda is holding a sign that says, “I Made it @ Contemporary Craft, PA 2/24/2018.”


Students with their completed work at the Felted Hat Workshop at the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh

From left to right: Stephanie in a purple and pink hat, Jamie in a turquoise and yellow hat, Barb in a green and orange hat, MJ in a soft blue hat, Charlotte in an orange and purple hat, and in the front, Linda in a burgundy and blue colored hat.


Photographs of students at work


Felted Hat Workshop - Charlotte laying out her beautiful fiber!

In the photo above, you can see Charlotte Ka laying out the fiber for her felted hat. Being a painter, she took a confident approach towards using color (and form)! A fellow student, Jamie kindly shared sparkly orange-colored, Angelina fibers that she had brought in from home.


Felted Hat Workshop - further on in the day, MJ checks her layout to see if it's ready for rolling.

After laying out the fibers, the students rubbed down. Here, you can see MJ carefully checking to see if her design had shifted.


Felted Hat Workshop - Barb ties off her bundle to begin rolling.

In this photograph, Barb is tieing off her bundle in order to roll. Barb was one of the two students who had experience felting. In fact, she has felted many scarves and several hats. For a selection of her work, see her shop on Etsy.


Experienced feltmaker, Jamie, brought lots of cool felting embellishments and tools! She had an electrical appliance that you immerse in a bucket of water, in order to heat it up. Not sure where she purchased her device, but it looked similar to this.

Felted Hat Workshop - Jamie thinking while rolling.

Here, she’s patiently rolling her bundle of felt. In the class, we all spoke about what we enjoyed and disliked about the feltmaking process. In general, rolling was not a favorite part. But interestingly, Jamie didn’t find the rolling process boring. Instead, she meditated upon all the makers who have created felt in the past.


Felted Hat Workshop - Linda checking for fit.

Each student approached their work differently. Linda was one of the first to get to the point of firm felt. However, her hat was still too large. Hence, she was tempted to stop and use her project as a felted vessel. However, with a bit of encouragement, she persevered. She was so happy that she did!


Felted Hat Workshop - Stephanie accessing fit.

Not surprisingly, your eyeglasses can impact how a hat sits on your head. Here’s, Stephanie, accessing the fit of her hat.  Although she hadn’t had feltmaking experience, she is a textile artist who works in weaving and upholstery. You can visit her shop in Sharpsburg.

More images soon (hopefully)

Regretfully, I forgot to snap individual photos of each maker with her hat. Hopefully, there will soon be additional photographs from the Society of Contemporary Craft’s staff member, Doretha. She took lots of photos to document the class. Huge HEARTS to her for doing this for us!


Postscript – the promised photos.

Here's a collage of three students throwing to 'full' or shrink down their hats.

Here’s an ‘action-shot’ collage of Barb, Linda, and Stephanie throwing to full (shrink) down their felted hats.


MJ pouring olive oil soap solution onto her wool fibers.

MJ pouring olive oil soap solution onto her wool fibers.


Feltmaker, Barb, rocking her yellow, green and orange felted hat.

Feltmaker, Barb rocking her yellow, green, and orange felted hat.


Linda helping Jamie with her turquoise and yellow felted hat.

Linda helping Jamie with her turquoise and yellow felted hat.


Linda wearing her blue and purple hat and Charolotte, wearing her painterly hat in orange, purple, and yellows.

Linda wearing her blue and purple hat and Charlotte, wearing her painterly hat in orange, purple, and yellows.


MJ wearing her favorite blue, fedora-style felted hat.

MJ wearing her favorite blue, fedora-style, felted hat.


Stephanie enjoying her purple, felted hat.

Lastly, Stephanie enjoying her purple, felted hat.


In conclusion, one of the best things about sharing something you love is being asked to do it again. With great enthusiasm, the students asked for another felted hat workshop!