Crazy Red Mushroom Hat for Halloween Competition

Does this ever happen to you? You chug along and then suddenly change direction?

In the past month, I’m proud to have made seven red and gold, Gryffindor-themed hats. But, after working so hard, I needed a (short) break. So, I laid out and felted this over-sized, brimmed hat – a wild and crazy Red Mushroom Hat.


On the upper right side, the blobs of color remind me of the transitions for the other side’s layout.



Laying out Merino wool fibers in orange-red to red-violet hues to make a crazy, red mushroom hat.


Next, I place the puffy white spots, which are a combination of slow felting wool covered by loosely woven cotton gauze. Then, it gets felted.


Crazy red mushroom hat with white spots .



The finished wet felted Mushroom Hat


The completed wild and crazy Red Mushroom Hat.



You can see other photos of this wild and crazy red Mushroom Hat at Mad Hatters Society (MHS) on Facebook. Throughout the year, they offer several friendly competitions. Their Halloween Competition was a really good motivator for me to work quickly: the deadline was November 15th!  Amazingly, I managed to get everything done on time (and I started Friday evening!).



For a long time, I’ve admired Lizzie Pearce’s’ charming, whimsical, porcelain doll/ needlefelted mushroom hybrid figurines on Instagram. Here’s her shop –

Consequently, I’ve wanted to make my own friendly/non-poisonous version of the iconic red mushroom, Amanita muscaria. So, the MHS competition was the perfect opportunity. It’s fun to pretend to be a porcelain doll enveloped by a mushroom.

Later, I remembered this nutty book from our collection of kid’s books. It has endless inspiration for eccentric mushroom hats.

Napoleon Champignon by Gilles Bachelet : a book filled with crazy mushroom hats!

Sadly, the light was not great for photography. I always forget that Pittsburgh is endlessly grey in November before the snow arrives and brightens our skies.


Lots of creative entries to the Halloween Hat Competition!

Do check out Dawn Edwards felted black hat inspired by Poe’s “The Raven” poem. Another cool felted entry is by Laura Courtenay, who always has evocative photographs; her hat is inspired by the moon. Or what about the ever-imaginative, Catharina Carlsson’s surreal eyeball hat? She’s quite handy with tools and technology and made the eyes which look REAL! She uses laser cutting for this hat.

To view each album, click on the thumbnail. There are three pages worth, approximately 24 entries.


Hopefully, it’s viewable by non-group members. Please let me know if they’re not.


This month’s Hat Attack

More Hat Stuff: StyleCrone’s headwear-encouraging Hat Attack continues. My crazy red, mushroom hat looks forward to participating in November’s fun!


Another angle of the crazy red mushroom hat.


Here are two photographs shot a few days later at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.

Crazy Red Mushroom Hat photographed at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.


Really, do check out StyleCrone close-cropped, colorful cloche created by Carol Markel. A marvelous piece of abstract art, it interplays well with StyleCrone’s features (and outfit)!



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2 Responses

  1. Style Crone

    You are so wonderfully creative! I love your sense of fun inspired style. Your mushroom hat has a fantastic shape and looks even better! Thank you for sharing such a whimsical hat with Hat Attack!

    • FeltHappiness

      Thank you, Judith! I’m really, very sorry to have missed your sweet comment! I really appreciate and enjoy how you are our Hat Ambassador!

      (I installed Askimet plugin on the blog (after having endless amounts of not pleasant spam) and I thought it was working….but it didn’t tell me that you had written).