How do you enhance your feelings of confidence and happiness?

By wearing a unique, felted hat you go through your front door smiling and ready to face the world, expressively accenting your outfit and life!

How can a hat do this magic?

Wearing a handcrafted FeltHappiness hat makes you feel special. You will walk differently, taller and with more self-assurance.

Magnificent Hat testimonial for green felted hat with hummingbird on top.

 Susan writes “The centrepiece of this amazing Hat is the hummingbird – giving one the illusion of hovering. But then again maybe the myriad colours which change with the light as do the hummingbird’s chest feathers are the centrepiece. Either way the Hat is magnificent and I feel special wearing it.” 




Juliane Gorman of FeltHappiness Hats

GREETINGS, I’m Juliane Gorman and I first felted many years ago as a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was an extracurricular, haphazard affair; with dancing and snow. And it was entirely different from the weaving that brought me to textiles. For my senior project I created a series of sculptural headpieces. After graduation, I studied proper millinery under Mrs. Albrizio at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and worked in costume shops.

And then I stopped. And I stopped making things.

For many years the enchantment of felt and hats lay dormant.

Serendipitously, a library book on making wet felted hats revived me. It was my Eureka Moment: I knew what to do with my life and how to be happy. This is how FeltHappiness came about. And now, ideas flow and hats too!  I’m happy and hope that you will feel happy looking at, and perhaps wearing, my expressive, felted hats.

For more information on how I create wet felted hats click here.  Or read my blog, where I often describe what I’m making. Lastly, you can connect with me by joining my jottings, a weekly newsletter full of inspiration.

Thanks for taking the time to read about FeltHappiness.

All of my handcrafted, felted hats are made in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, USA, where I’ve lived since 2014. Previously, I lived in Norwich, England for eleven years, so some of my hats were made in the UK.  I ship worldwide and have hats in private collections in Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Italy, The Netherlands, UK and the USA.

Gorgeous Hat testimonial for blue, felted hat with swallow on top.

Zo writes “Gorgeous, comfortable, dazzling, very well made, and the envy of all who don’t own one. You can not fully appreciate Felt Happiness Hats until you put one on your head, see how much more interesting they make YOU look, and hear “Great Hat!” from most whom you encounter.

Yes: FeltHappiness is aptly named.”



Can you can find a hat that meets your artistic soul?