May Day celebrated in a hat

May Day is Pansy Time

May Day - pansey beret for Hat Attack

While this felted hat isn’t new, it’s so gloriously Spring that I had to wear it to a nearby garden center to celebrate May Day. Anyway, also learned (after the fact) that hats with interesting tops are challenging to capture in a photo. Next time I shall have to remember to elegantly squat for the camera….and maybe tie my hair back too. The curving, green sepals of the pansy barely show up.

Actually didn’t purchase any pansies, We were there to look at the water garden section, which seemed nice. We are toying with the idea of making a natural-style pond where there is already a drainage problem — seems logical, no? Not that we got any water lilies either. Trying to find out what sorts of supplies they had: all sorts of pipes and pumps and plants. They even had bullfrog tadpoles, along with koi.  Kind of a marvelous place for a May Day visit –

Additionally, this FeltHappiness blog post is excited to participate in Judith / StyleCrone’s millinery inspiring Hat Attack.

What a great tradition!

Maybe, in a month or so I shall be as comfortable with writing as I am with felting 😉